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Marina del Rey

When picking the perfect spot for a consistent vacation getaway, many people are drawn to the sunny shores of California. However, along the California coast, vacationers have a multitude of options. For those who are trying to find the right mix of relaxing seaside charm and plentiful entertainment options, perhaps it is time to consider Marina del Rey vacation rentals.

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Marina del Rey is a quaint seaside village nestled among some of the most popular tourist beaches in Los Angeles County. In fact, Marina del Rey is only ten minutes from Venice and Santa Monica, making it the perfect place to settle for beach lovers. Marina del Rey has a modest population of less than 10,000, giving it the feeling of a smaller community. However, since Marina del Rey is surrounded by the greater Los Angeles area, it is still within driving distance to the heart of the city. 

City Highlights

When considering Marina del Rey vacation rentals, it is important to know everything the city has to offer. Marina del Rey is best known for its distinctive boat harbor. This man made harbor has 19 marinas that can house close to 5,300 boats. Many people who are interested in Marina del Rey vacation homes pick the location for this ready access to the water. Marina del Rey also has its own strip of beach, which is well developed with homes and rentals. Many vacationers find it hard to believe that this beautiful area started out as nothing more than wetlands. In fact, the area was not developed as a harbor until the 1950s, when the government finally began transforming the area into the beautiful town it is today. 


For those who pursue Marina del Rey vacation rentals, they should be pleased to know there is plenty to do. Obviously, the area is well developed for seaside activities, and many vacationers enjoy leisure boating in the surrounding waters. Another popular attraction for those who choose a Marina del Rey vacation condo is Fisherman's Village. This commercial waterfront overlooks the harbor and has numerous recreational options, including live shows, bicycling, boat parades, and charter boat cruises. 


Since most people prefer to eat out while on vacation, it is also good to know that Marina del Rey has numerous dining options. There is a plethora of choices at Fisherman's Village, including several restaurants that offer licensed waterfront dining. Though many of the dining options focus on fresh seafood, there is still good variety, with choices ranging from Mexican to Italian. For those on a budget, there are also choices that offer lighter meals and snacks.  

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